Bangka Island

Explained very quickly in a few words:

Experience Bangka Island: Get up in the morning, go diving twice after breakfast, then lie down in a hammock with a coconut and enjoy the view. Paradise. Then either a midday dive or a night dive, or just relax.

Bangka Island is a small island in the western Pacific Ocean between the Celebes Sea to the west and the Molluken Sea to the east, off the north-eastern tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

To the west of Bangka are the islands of Kinabohutan, Talisei, Tindila and Gangga.

Geographical aspects of the island include forests, hills, coconut plantations, rocky outcrops, mangroves and pristine beaches.

Bangka is known for its pristine beaches and diving tourism.

The island has three main coastal resorts: Lihunu, Kahuku and Libas, with Lihunu being the largest village.

Bangka's popularity as an international tourist destination has increased since the opening of the first diving resort in 1987. Most of the sandy beaches and coral reefs that attract tourists are located in the south-western and southern parts of the island. The north coast is rockier and the water contains more sea grass than spectacular corals.

Ecologically, Bangka and its waters contain an abundance of biodiversity.

There are many coral reefs that attract tropical fish species such as Napoleon fish, frogfish, pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs.