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You don't see these animals in the diving areas where we dive. 

And where you do see them, you can't get me in anyway...:o) 

Crocodiles live in lakes and rivers, but the saltwater crocodile can also live in the sea and can often be found on the coasts of various islands.

The animals swim very well and camouflage themselves in the water so that only their eyes and nostrils are visible.

They have a flat physique with a mostly broad and flat snout and a tail that is flattened at the sides and shaped like a rudder.

Depending on the species, crocodiles can reach a body length of 1.20 to 6.5 metres.

Nil crocodile

Maximum length: 6.5 metres

All crocodiles are carnivores.

Most species will hunt any type of prey that they can overpower due to their size. 

Crocodiles react extremely quickly and are also very skilful on land, and cannibalism in young animals is not uncommon.

Photos 1 - 4 Johnny: Djerba Tunisia