Some of the species listed here have not yet been named in English

The photos of the animals you will see here are nudibranchs or underwater nudibranchs.

They are beautiful reef dwellers that can be found in all the world's oceans.

Their greatest abundance and number of species can be found in the Indo-Pacific.

They are not the usual ‘snails’ because as adults they have given up the protection of a shell.

Instead of retreating into these shells in case of danger, they have other defence strategies to protect themselves.

Some have very good camouflage by using bright colours to indicate that they are very poisonous, or they can camouflage themselves very well in the reef with their colours.

Other species have developed chemical weapons of defence, such as acids, which most fish find extremely unpalatable 

Others have very strong poisons.

Genre: Aeolidiidae 25 species

Genre: Aglajidae 6 species

Genre: Arminidae 1 species

Genre: Chromodorididae page 1 39 species

Genre: Chromodorididae page 2 17 species

Genre: Costasiellidae 14 species

Genre: Doridacea 18 species

Genre: Phyllididae 16 species

Genre: Plakobranchidae 1 species

Genre: Pleurobranchidae 3 species

Genre: Tritoniidae 1 species