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Dolphins are not fish ( mammals )


They have a streamlined body that is adapted to the high swimming speeds.

In many species, the jaws are clearly set apart and form an elongated beak.

The snout can contain a large number of teeth in several species.

The dolphin's brain is large and has a complex cerebral cortex, which is one reason why many zoologists consider them to be among the most intelligent animals.

Dolphins are fast swimmers, reaching speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour.

They often jump out of the water, sometimes performing acrobatic figures.

Anyone who has ever swum, dived or snorkeled with them in open water will never forget it again.

Tursiops aduncus

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin

Astrid taking photos
Astrid taking photos

Maximum length: 2 - 2.70 m

Depth: 0 - 2000m

Highly developed, very intelligent marine mammals.

They usually form schools of up to 15 animals, rarely also large groups of up to a thousand animals.

They mainly inhabit coastal waters in areas of up to 300 km2 and are therefore regularly seen on various reefs, lagoons and bays.

Their dives are usually 3 to 4 minutes long and they feed on small fish (under 30 cm) and cephalopods.

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