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There are 14 species of torpedo perch.

They owe their name to their lightning-fast swimming movements when hunting prey.

Their body is cylindrical and slender, and they grow to between 11 cm and 1.25 m in length, depending on the species.

Malacanthus brevirostris

Quakerfish, Flagtail blanquillo, False whiting or Stripetail tilefish

Maximum length: 30 cm

Depth: 20 - 80 m

Silvery body with 2 black tail bands and yellowish forehead.

Found close to the bottom on patch reefs with open, bare sandy areas.

Shy, retreat into holes or under boulders when in danger.

Dig burrows in rubble and sand.

Photo 1 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Malacanthus latovittatus

Blue blanquillo, Banded blanquillo, Striped blanquillo, False whiting, Sand tilefish or Eye of the sea

Maximum length: 50 cm

Depth: 10 - 70 m

They are often seen high above the bottom, feeding on plankton.

Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Malacanthus plumieri

Sand tilefish

Maximum length: 60 cm

Depth: 6 - 25 m

Long white body with sickle-shaped caudal fin, the upper part of which is dark.

Swims over sandy areas.

Shy, disappears very quickly into its burrow.

Photos 1 - 3 Astrid: Bonaire Caribbean