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They are around 1,700 described species of this third most species-rich fish family.

They are popular ornamental fish and some large species are important food fish.

In tropical Africa there are 900 described species and an estimated 400 undescribed species.

  Depending on the species, they grow between 3 and 80 centimeters tall.

Astronotus ocellatus


Maximum length: 45 cm

The peacock eye cichlid is a South American fish that comes from the Amazon.

This cichlid species prefers calm, stagnant waters; it often stays in dead tributaries of rivers.

There you can often find it at the bottom.

Normally peacock eye cichlids are calm animals.

But they can become very aggressive towards each other or other fish.

“Everything that fits into the mouth is eaten” is the basic rule for the coexistence of peacock eye cichlids with other fish species.

Photo 1 Johnny. Luxembourg

Photo 2 Johnny: Oberhausen Germany ( Aquarium )

Hoplarchus psittacus


Maximum length: 20 - 25 cm

Depth: 0.5 - 10 m

The parrot cichlid is a round, high-backed, deformed fish with a strange, almost beak-shaped mouth and a head with large eyes that is often clearly distinguishable from the body.

Photo 1 Johnny: Luxembourg ( Aquarium )

Cyphotilapia frontosa

Front cichlid or Frontosa cichlid

Maximum length: 35 cm

Depth: 20 - 50 m

The Tanganyika lumphead is a large cichlid fish that is endemic to the northern part of Central Africa's Lake Tanganyika and lives over rocky bottoms.

Photo 1 Johnny: Luxembourg ( Aquarium )

 Pterophyllum scalare

Angelfish or Freshwater angelfish

Maximum length: 15 cm

The angelfish, or sailfin, is a cichlid from tropical South America.

Sailfins have a laterally compressed body with a clearly curved back and belly line.

The dorsal and anal fins begin with very short fin rays and end with exceptionally long fin rays.

Photo 1 Johnny: Oberhausen Germany ( Aquarium )