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There are 2 species.

The Atlantic tarpon has a blue-grey back and its body is covered with large,

shiny silvery scales.

Its mouth is upper and has a sloping mouth cleft.

Its dorsal fin is short and sits above the centre of its body.

Its anal fin begins below the end of the dorsal fin

and is longer than the latter.

The caudal fin is deeply forked.

The base of the pectoral fin is very deep.

As their swimming bladder is connected to the oesophagus,

it can be filled with atmospheric air

and thus enables the fish to live in oxygen-poor water.

They can grow up to 2.5 metres long.

Megalops atlanticus

Atlantic tarpon

Maximum length: 2.50 m

Depth: 0 - 150

Swims in canyons and remote regions.

They are often seen in shoals during the day.

Feeds at night.

Large shoals can inhabit a certain area of the reef for years, where they can be reliably observed.

Not shy, especially at night they come very close to divers and stay by their side until they come out, as they like to hunt in the light of the lamps.

Photos 1 + 2 + 4 Johnny: Bonaire Caribbean

Photo 3 Astrid: Bonaire Caribbean