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There are almost 50 genera and around 160 species.

They are goby-like animals.

Their ventral fins are fused together to form a suction disc

with which the fish can hold on to the substrate. 

Their skin has a thick layer of mucus, not scales.

Most species are only around 5 cm long, some only 2 - 3 cm,

the largest species can reach a length of 30 cm.

Discotrema monogrammum

Oneline clingfish

Maximum length: 3 cm

Depth: 8 - 20 m

There is a light-coloured longitudinal band from the eye to the tail.

The colouring varies, depending on the colour of the hair star.

Very difficult to spot due to perfect camouflage.

Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Moalboal Philippines