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They have a leaf-shaped, flat body.

The basic colour of the rocking fish is yellow, ochre, pale white,

more rarely pink or red.

They moult completely every 10 to 14 days.

They grow to a length of 10 - 12 cm.

Poisonous, but not as much as lionfish or stonefish.

Taenianotus triacanthus

Leaf scorpionfish, Paperfish, Paper scorpionfish, Sailfin leaffish

or Threespine scorpionfish

Maximum length: 12 cm

Depth: 1 - 135 m

Various colour patterns from almost white to purple.

Laterally strongly flattened, high-backed body.

If necessary, they imitate a leaf swaying in the dunes by swaying sideways.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bangka Island North Sulawesi

Photo 2 Johnny: Moalboal Philippines

Photo 3 Astrid: Moalboal Philippines

Photos 4 - 5 Johnny: Bali Indonesia

Photo 6 Johnny: Embudu Maldives