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Probably one of the best-known fish after sharks.

They are mostly predatory fish that occur in the tropical fresh waters of South America.

Piranhas are usually high-backed,

laterally strongly flattened schooling fish with very sharp teeth.

The dorsal fin is often relatively long and they reach a size of around 15 to 40 cm.

Pygocentrus nattereri

Red-bellied piranha or Red piranha

Maximum length: 40 cm

The bluish to brown-grey and very silvery basic colouring is interrupted by metallic,

glittering spots distributed over the entire body.

The underside of the body is bright red, the dorsal fin is grey,

the caudal fin is dark to black and has a light-coloured middle section.

Their diet consists of fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, carrion,

insects, crustaceans and molluscs, i.e. almost anything that swims, flies or crawls.

Photo 1 Johnny: Oberhausen Germany ( Aquarium )