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It is the heaviest bony fish in the world,

can reach a length of 3.30 metres and a weight of 1.9 to 2.3 tonnes

and has a very thick (7.5 cm), leathery, elastic skin.

Its body is short, discus-shaped and barely longer than high.

They mainly feed on jellyfish and salps, but also eat plankton,

herring, small fish, crustaceans and brittle stars.

The female lays up to 300 million eggs per spawning, with a diameter of 1 mm.

Molidae bonaparte

Mola mola

Maximum length: 3.30 m

Depth: 1 - 400 metres

In contrast to cartilaginous fish,

bony fish such as the sunfish have a complete skeleton.

Because they sometimes sunbathe lying on their side in the water,

they are also known as sunfish. 

Sunfish normally live in the vastness of tropical and temperate seas.

Photos 1- 3 Johnny: Barcelona Spain ( Aquarium )