20 photos - 3 species


They consist of only one genus comprising 5 to 6 species. 

They are related to pipefishes and seahorses, but have larger fins.

Because of their perfect camouflage,

they are very difficult to find in their hiding places,

such as gorgonians, leather and soft corals.

Depending on the species, they can reach a size of 5 to 17 cm.

Solenostomus halimeda

Halimeda ghost pipefish

Maximum length: 15 cm

Depth 3: - 25 m

Variable colouring from green to reddish.

Common in seagrass, but very well camouflaged.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bali Indonesia

Photos 2 - 3 Johnny: Lembeh Strait North Sulawesi

Solenostomus cyanopterus

Robust ghost pipefish, Blue-finned ghost pipefish, Racek's ghost pipefish, Robust-snouted pipefish or Squaretail ghost pipefish

Maximum length: 10 cm

Depth: 15 m +

Colour varies from pink to brown-red.

Likes to live along reef edges close to sandy areas.

Photos 1 - 4 Johnny: Bangka Island North Sulawesi

Photos 5 - 6 Johnny: Lembeh Strait North Sulawesi

Solenostomus paradoxus

Ornate ghost pipefish or Harlequin ghost pipefish

Maximum length: 12 cm

Depth: 3 - 25 m

There are various colour variants.

Varies from red, white or yellow spotted to black.

In coastal reefs with rocks and corals, hovering vertically above the bottom.

Difficult to see as always well camouflaged.

Photos 1 - 3 Johnny: Moalboal Philippines

Photos 4 + 6 Astrid: Lembeh Strait North Sulawesi

Photos 5 + 7 - 9 Johnny: Bali Indonesia

Photo 10 Johnny: Bangka Island North Sulawesi

Photo 11 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt