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There are 2 genera and 6 species.

The finfish live in the coastal tropical Indo-Pacific,

on the coasts of Australia in seawater and brackish water

and on the coast of West Africa.

Depending on the species, they reach a size of 8 to 31 cm.

Monodactylus argenteus

Silver monnyfish, Silver moony, Butter bream or Diamondfish

Maximum length: 25 cm

Depth: 2 - 10 m

Silverfin live gregariously and form large shoals with their conspecifics.

The body is discus-shaped, slightly longer than high,

strongly flattened on the side and silvery in colour.

The dorsal and caudal fins, sometimes also the anal fin,

are yellowish in colour, the tips of the dorsal and anal fins are blackish or sooty.

Photo 1 Johnny: Luxembourg ( Aquarium )