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This species of fish is known colloquially as the black breadula or black widow.

This species here is the only member of its genus.

Stygnobrotula latebricola

Black brotula or Black widow

Maximum length: 7.5 cm

Depth: 2 - 110 m

Due to its dark coloration and sinuous swimming style,

this fish species looks like a whirlpool worm or small eel at first glance.

Very difficult to photograph as it is very shy and, like this one,

lives in a very small hole in the reef.

Every time I illuminated it with the lamp, it disappeared deeper into its burrow.

But still interesting to photograph, but you need good buoyancy control,

for example I lay there floating for a good 10 minutes to catch it, bad photo, but got it.

Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Bonaire Caribbean