3 photos - 3 species

Clanculus pharaonius

Strawberry top shell

Maximum size: 2 cm

Depth: 0.5 - 12 m

Red with black and white spirals.

It lives on rubble, stones and dead corals on reefs and reef tops.

Eats algae.

Photo 1 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Pisulina adamsiana


Maximum size: 2 cm

They are also known as barge snails.


Photo 1 Johnny: Bangka Island North Sulawesi

Turbo petholatus

Tapestry turban or Cat's-eye shell

Maximum size: 8 cm

Depth: up to 10 metres

Black and white spirals on the body.

Lives in lagoons and on reefs, grazing on algae.

Photo 1 Johnny: El Qesir Egypt