3 photos - 2 species

Vexillum histrio

Harlequin mitre or Harlequin miter

Maximum size: 1, 9 cm

Maximum depth: 0 - 275 m

Most of their species live on sandy substrates, burrowing in sand or mud,

some, as seen in the photo, live on coral reefs under rocks and stones.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bonaire Caribbean

Photo 2 Astrid: Bonaire Caribbean

Vexillum pulchellum

Beautiful mitre, Beautiful miter or Pretty mitre

 Maximum size: 25 mm

Maximum depth: 20 - 90 m

The shell is pointed and egg-shaped.

The spire is ribbed lengthwise.

The ribs are narrow, flat, rather close-fitting, slightly granular towards the base

and impressively striped across.

The carapace is orange-yellow and decorated with a purple band

in the spaces between the ribs.

The columella is fivefold braided.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bonaire Caribbean