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Sea squirts are sessile tunicates that colonise

the world's oceans from the shelf to the deep sea.

With around 2000 species, they are the most species-rich group of tunicates.

Due to their ability to form a mantle and as internal micro-filters,

whereby they utilise the productivity of the free water body,

the sea squirts are one of the most successful animal groups.

Clavelina coerulea

Blue sea squirt

Maximum size: 1 - 2 cm

This species is one of the most beautiful sea squirts.

Their lifespan is short, but they reproduce quite quickly.

Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Moalboal Philippines

Clavelina robusta

Sea squirt, Stalked ascidian or Cat eye squirt

Maximum length: 3 cm

They resemble sponges, but react to touch, which sponges do not.

Live individually or in groups of several individuals.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bali Indonesia 

Photo 2 Johnny: Moalboal Lembeh Strait North - Sulawesi

Polycarpa aurata

Goldmouth sea squirt or Ink-spot sea squirt

Maximum length: 10 cm

It has two openings.

When you take it out of the water, it contracts and sprays water.

Photos 1 - 4 Johnny: Bali Indonesia