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This small phylum includes transparent,

free-drifting invertebrates that are often mistaken for jellyfish,

but this is incorrect.

They lack cnidocytes and have either 2 or no tentacles.

Their body is very vulnerable and is easily injured when touched.

In contrast to the open umbrella shape of jellyfish,

they have an oval or pear-shaped umbrella.

They have eight rows of hair-like cilia that form * ribs *.

When disturbed at night, they produce a beautiful blue-green glow.

Bolinopsis mikado

Bolinopsis mikado

Maximale Größe: 10 cm

Weit verbreitete Kammqualle.

Foto 1 Astrid: Moalboal Philippinen



Maximum size: 10 cm

Depth 0 - 5 m

They have 4 brown spots on the mouth flaps.

Photo 1 Astrid: Bonaire Caribbean