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Lysmata amboinensis

Scarlet cleaner shrimp

 Maximum length: 6 cm

One of the most important cleaners of the reef fish.

Often in pairs.

However, they can also be seen in large groups of up to a hundred.

Not shy.

Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Lysmata grabhami

Redbacked cleaner shrimp or Scarlet striped cleaner shrimp

 Maximum length: 5 cm

Maximum depth: 1 - 30 m

Two broad red stripes on the back, with a white one in between.

Body and legs cream to yellow in colour.

Two pairs of long, thin white antennae.

It attracts fish customers for cleaning with antenna wings.

Photos 1 - 3 Johnny: Bonaire Caribbean

Lysmata wurdemanni

Peppermint shrimp

Maximum length: 5 cm

Maximum depth: 1 - 30 m

Body: Pale pink with white.

Antennae and legs bright red to red-orange striped.

Often found in tube sponges, where they hide at lightning speed, very difficult to photograph.

Very shy.

Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Bonaire Caribbean

Saron marmoratus

Common marble shrimp

Maximum length: 4 cm

Small flower-like patches, lives among coral rubble in poorly developed coral reefs.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bangka Island North - Sulawesi

Photos 2 - 3 Astrid: Hurghada Egypt

Photo 4 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Saron neglectus

Eyespot shrimp, Green marble shrimp or Spotted marbled shrimp

 Maximum length: 4 cm

A row of bristle tufts runs from its base along the back.

Reddish brown with white spots.

Antennae and legs brown - white.


Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Thor amboinensis

Squat anemone shrimp

 Maximum length: 3 cm

Brown to grey body with 3 white saddle spots, some side and tail spots.

Two pairs of short, banded antennae, eyes protruding, tail erect.

Live on various anemones.

Shy, retreat between the tentacles or under their anemone when disturbed.

Photos 1 - 3 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Urocaridella sp.

Rock cleaner shrimp

 Maximum length: 3 cm

Transparent body with typical red tail markings.

It usually lives in groups below 10 metres, in caves and grottos.

Photos 1 - 2 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt