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Achelous sebae

Ocellate swimming crab

 Maximum length: 9 cm

Its last pair of legs has developed into swimming paddles.

Shy, withdraws into holes when approached.

Photos 1 - 3 Johnny: Bonaire Caribbean

Charybdis natator

Ridged swimming crab, Wrinkled swimming crab

 Maximum length: 17 cm

Scissor arms covered with large granules, with black tips and blue spots.

There are six spines on each side of the carapace.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bangla Island North Sulawesi

Gonoioinfradens paucidentatus

Re swimming crab

Maximum length: 10 cm

Bright red and orange, with dark claws and spine tips.

Six blunt tip spines, carapace has 4 to 5 pointed spines.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bangka Island North Sulawesi

Photo 2 Johnny: Hurghada Egypt

Lissocarcinus laevis

Swimmer crab, Harlequin crab, Harlequin swimming crab

or Anemone crab

 Maximum length: up to 3 cm

This is a symbiotic crab that is probably only found on cylinder roses.

Photo 1 Johnny: Lembeh Strait North - Sulawesi

Portunus sp.

Portunus sp. unknown swimming crab

 Maximum length: ?

No description.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bangka Island North Sulawesi

Thalamita sp.1

Thalamita sp.1 unknown swimming crab

 Maximum length: ?

Again, no description.

They are very difficult to identify, just like this one.

Photo 1 Johnny: Bangka Island North Sulawesi